Eye Makeup Hacks

Eye Makeup Hacks

When it comes to eye makeup, it is certainly an indispensable part of your makeup routine. To give your eyes an oomph factor, you definitely need to work right for it. Whether you are a makeup enthusiast or a makeup artist, putting a right eyeliner like can always be quite the task. Acknowledging these day-to-day struggles, we have came up with some innovative tools that could save you from potential eye makeup mishaps.  Apart from these tools, we have also done extensive research and listed some easy eye makeup hacks to achieve the perfect glam look.

Eye Primer

First and the foremost, prep is a must in order to achieve a flawless look.  Whether it be MAC Prep & Prime Skin (MAC I Prep + Prime Skin I $31 I www.maccosmetics.com) or Hourglass No 28 Primer Serum (Hourglass I No 28 Primer Serum I $65 I www.sephora.com) - it is crucial to prep and prime your eyes.The basic purpose of applying primer is to prevent the concealer from creasing and drying.  It also keeps the skin around the eyes hydrated.

MAC I Prep + Prime Skin

Eye Shadow Palette

Choosing the right eye shadow eye shadow palette is very important.  As darker shades tend to make your eyes look smaller in comparison to the lighter ones.  Apply the lightest shade on your entire eyelid and brush it on over till the crease of brow bone.

After doing so, use a medium shade from your palette till it matches the requirement of your color intensity.In order to get that oomph factor, don’t forget to use Afshan Beauty Liquid Shimmer Eye Lights (Afshan Beauty I Liquid Shimmer Eye Lights I $24 I www.afshanbeauty.com) under your brow bone.  Afshan Beauty Liquid Shimmer Eye Lights helps to achieve the glam yet subtle look.  This highly pigmented formula is waterproof and long-lasting (lasting up to 18 hours)

Afshan Beauty I Liquid Shimmer Eye Lights

Eye Liner

As mentioned in Refinery29, white eyeliner is one of the biggest makeup trends of 2018.It is a very versatile product as it gives an enlarged yet brightened look to our eyes.  In addition to being used on waterline to make eyes look bigger, the white eyeliner can also be used on lids.  (Urban Decay I 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil I Yeyo - Metallic White Shimmer I $21I www.sephora.com)

Urban Decay I 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

When it comes down to rocking this look as well as achieving the glam look, Fenty Beauty Global Makeup Artist, Priscilla Onostates the following, "...in order treat it like any other bright shade and keep the rest of your makeup minimal. Remember it's a bright color, so it actually really stands out; sometimes less is more."  Rather than building up the color, be sure to choose formulas that go on opaque with the first swipe. "You want to make sure you're applying a very thin amount which will look nice and smooth. Don't go too thick with it because you can actually see texture more," she says.

Black eyeliner is definitely not going out of trend. For all of the beginners who face difficulties in applying eyeliner either by connecting dots or just giving a simple stroke, Afshan Beauty has the solution for you.  The Afshan Beauty Angled Edge Eyeliner Guide Tool will help create the flawless look with your eyeliner - making it on fleek.  (Afshan Beauty I Eyeliner Guide Tool I $16.99 I www.afshanbeauty.com). 

Afshan Beauty I Eyeliner Guide Tool


Are you sick of experiencing Mascara Fallout during your makeup application? Don’t stress we have an innovative solution for you. Our easy-to-clean, hygienic Mascara Shield Guard (Afshan Beauty I Mascara Shield Guard I $16.99 I www.afshanbeauty.com) with the plastic handle can be used during the application of mascara on both upper and/or lower lash lines. Our innovative tool prevents mascara from getting on the face as well as helps for flawless mascara application.  It is also innovative in the sense where you are able to lengthen your lashes while using the Mascara Shield Guard during mascara application. 

Afshan Beauty I Mascara Shield Guard

Additional Eye Makeup Tips

  • Blending is a very crucial step in makeup application. Blending gives a flawless look as opposed to harsh contrasts and stark lines that can make your eyes look smaller.
  • If you are thinking of going for a drastic eye makeup look, then keep the lips subtle as it is always a better option to accentuate one feature per look.
  • Always keep a blotting paper handy in order to remove excess product. For example - removing excess eye shadow.
  • To emphasize on your eyes slightly more, apply a light eye shadow shade on the inner corners of your eyes.